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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding the right mirror to fit all your desired needs can be easier said than done, and property owners are often confused about what mirror type is ideal. At Hoffman Premium Glass, we have exceptional customer service that revolves around helping clients execute their creative vision without compromise. We are addressing some unique queries on this page as a point of reference. However, to get some more insights, clients can always reach out to us, and we will be more than happy to help. Our offers and a wide variety of options to choose from are second to none across the entire Lindon, UT area, making us the ideal mirror store.

Do you provide custom-cut mirrors?

Yes. As a trusted glass shop, we can be contacted to get custom-cut mirrors for any and all projects you might have undertaken. We can ensure that the finish of the mirror is to the precise standards desired by the clients, and they are never asked to compromise on the quality side of the equation. We thrive in the face of adversity with relative ease.

Why is your shop unique?

As a glass store, we specialize in a wide array of glass types. These can range from basic mirrors – all the way to shower doors if needed. We can also ensure that the surface finishes of the glass we provide for each customer is tailored to accommodate their precise requirements. We are widely praised for being the most reliable and recommended choice for all things glass-related across town.

What are walls of mirrors?

A wall of mirrors is an extremely efficient decorative tool that bounces light around and makes your entire room feel a lot more spacious. It can be installed in any space irrespective of its dimensions and is usually layered onto one given wall to give the appearance of a wider floor plan.

How experienced are you?

As professionals who have some truly unique offers and have earned the faith of our community to become their ideal Shower Door Shop. We have more than eight years of experience at our disposal. Through this time we have provided clients with some truly exceptional results without compromise.

Do you offer shower euro shower doors?

A euro shower door is a frameless glass shower design that has gained immense popularity recently. We offer affordable and high-quality options to choose from when it comes to picking out your new door. As experts, we can even ensure that we are catering to certain specific requirements that might be placed before us by customers.

We are more than capable as professionals of always providing our customers with high-quality products and have unique offers that enable us to stand out among the rest. To get some more details, we urge clients to either come visit us or reach out to Hoffman Premium Glass at (801) 318-8624. We will be more than happy to present you with all the offers that we have and ensure that you get precisely what you desire with relative ease. We are trained and reliable when it comes to all things glass across Lindon, UT.

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